Acquired Taste October 29 – December 8, 2011




As part of the educational programming for Acquired Taste, curators Alyssa Cordova and Heather Richards have invited artist Greg Stewart to be the artist-in-residence of CSU Fullerton Begovich Gallery and CSU Fullerton Grand Central Art Center.

Gregory Stewart is an established sculpture and installation artist from Virginia whose work focuses on food, sustainability and community involvement. For his co-residency, Greg will recreate some of his mobile sculpture gardens for the Acquired Taste exhibition as well as create programming and interactive free workshops with the arts community of downtown Santa Ana. Additionally Greg has also agreed to give lectures for the community both at Grand Central Art Center and at CSUF.

Moveable Gardens is a project that was staged in New York City and his hometown in Harrisonburg, VA. Beginning as a number of separate garden units dispersed throughout the neighborhood. Eventually, the carts converged on a single location to form a larger, and more comprehensive garden space. Other projects include a small mobile corn field, and a mobile orchard.

For more information on the Artist-in-Residence program at Grand Central Art Center, click here.

For Acquired Taste, Greg Stewart conceptualized and designed four suits which were created as a dialog between current agricultural practice and the future of agriculture. Stewart then travelled to the Salton Sea with photographer Angelica Perez to document the suits in the landscape. ┬áThe stills from this photo session were then projected inside the gallery, along with the suits and several sculptural elements, as part of Stewart’s contribution to Acquired Taste.


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