Acquired Taste October 29 – December 8, 2011

ACQUIRED TASTE: Food and the Art of Consumption


ACQUIRED TASTE: Food and the Art of Consumption

An exhibition curated by Alyssa Cordova & Heather Richards of Sixpack Projects

October 29 – December 8, 2011

Begovich Gallery, California State University, Fullerton


Begovich Gallery, California State University, Fullerton

800 North State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA (just north of Nutwood Avenue)

Thank you to everyone who helped make our opening reception possible.  It was a wonderful evening of thought-provoking artwork, delicious food and good friends.  We invite those of you who were not able to attend to visit the gallery soon.  Show ends December 8.

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Acquired Taste: Food and the Art of Consumption opens October 29, 2011 at the Cal State Fullerton Begovich Gallery. This exhibition features artists whose work focuses on food as subject matter or subtext. Artists chosen highlight our reciprocal relationship to food: what we consume, how we consume it and how it consumes us.


We do it three times a day with our hands and mouths in a coordinated ballet of movement. Sometimes with careful planning and artistry; other times mindlessly and on the go; sometimes as a personal, guilty pleasure, or in celebration with others: We consume food.


Eating does not merely fulfill a biological need; it also ties cultures, regions and generations to each other.  Passed down over centuries, food is a type of storytelling.  It traces migratory movements, evokes the immigrant experience and underscores the cross-cultural fusion of people to place.  It marries need to desire; obsession with artistry; and want to lack. Like any great relationship, it’s complicated.


Food also connotes social status, oftentimes unabashedly proclaiming ones allegiance to country or class, or in a broader sense, taste. Food historian Massimo Montanari argues, “Taste is a cultural product, not, in fact, subjective and incommunicable, but rather collective and eminently communicative.” The word “taste” is defined as both an ability to distinguish flavor and the acquisition of knowledge, the later influencing ones response to the former.  An “acquired taste” is therefore something we learn or adopt through exposure and experience.


The Begovich Gallery is located in the Visual Arts Complex on the campus of California State University, Fullerton, at 800 North State College Blvd. The gallery is open to the public Monday – Thursday, 12-4pm. and Saturday 12-2pm; closed on Sundays and Fridays. Admission to the gallery is FREE for all, but day permits are required to park on campus during the week (click here for more info about campus parking). Acquired Taste will be on view October 29 – December 8, 2011. For more information contact the Art Gallery Office at 657.278.7750 or visit the gallery website


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  1. cassandra erb says:

    Ya’ll RULE!!!!!!!!!!! Aquired Taste is awesome!!!!!!! Xoxox

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